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New Construction

(irrigation, fencing, concrete patio, electrical, trees, rock beds, and sod)

Our team can take your ideas and make them a reality. We had a new construction home that the builder completed landscaping in the front yard, but left nothing but rock and dirt in the back yard. The home owner wanted a simple and clean look with an area to entertain. Working with the drilling company we installed a full irrigation system to ensure the grass, plants, and shrubs stayed healthy and green without all the manual watering. The house came with a 12x12 patio that we removed and replaced with a 25'x40' patio for the customer to entertain. When we couldn't find fencing that matched what the customer wanted, we custom cut 4' panels that allowed them some privacy without making the yard feel enclosed. In the back of the yard we planted four 8' Colorado spruce trees. The customer wanted outlets installed so they could have Christmas lights plugged in without seeing the long extension cords resulting in a clean and cord free look. We choose a bright white rock for the bed liners which made the trees, shrubs, and bushes pop. 

Patio Pavers

(new installs and repair)

In every consult, we strive to understand what the customer is trying to accomplish. In this case, the customer was selling their home and wanted a cost effective option to refresh the landscaping without paying the brand new price tag. After resetting the pavers and installing new metal edging to keep everything tight, we brought in some river rock to fill out the flower beds, it looked like new. 

Fire Pits and Seating Areas

(new installs and repair)

Gravel Driveways

(new installs, repairs, and repurposing)

Many people want an extra area for their RV, boat, or car. In this case the customer already had a gravel spot and wanted it removed and replaced with sod. After removing the gravel, we brought in top soil, leveled, and installed new sod to make it look like it was never there.