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Residential & Commercial Snow Removal

We use a combination of equipment ranging from trucks, skid steers, loaders, snow blowers, quads, and side by sides, to ensure safe, efficient removal of your snow. When it comes to ice mitigation we use traditional granular salt, salt brine, calcium, magnesium, and salt/sand mixtures. When you choose Alpha Lawn and Landscaping you not only get consistency, you also get our lawn protection guarantee. If we damage your lawn, we will re-seed or re-sod it as soon as spring arrives.

Best Snow Removal Bozeman Montana
Best Snow Removal Four Corners Montana
Best Snow Removal Belgrade Montana

Interested in Residential snow & ice management?

(ask about one of our residential packages below - 2" snow trigger)


  • Standard 2 Car Driveway​


  • Standard 2 Car Driveway

  • Front of House Sidewalk


  • Standard 2 Car Driveway

  • Front of House Sidewalk

  • Environmentally and Pet Safe Calcium/Magnesium Applications (to remove any ice buildup)

Commercial Snow Removal & Ice Mitigation

  • We offer custom snow triggers as not all business are the same and each business may require a different level of service.

    • Zero tolerance(anytime is snows)​

    • 1" Triggers

    • 2" Triggers

    • Rain/Freezing Rain Ice Mitigation (options:  salt, calcium, magnesium)

  • Businesses we specialize in clearing snow and ice mitigation:​

    • HOA - Street, sidewalk, & driveways. ​

    • Small/Large Business Lots - Parking lots, sidewalks, & entry ways.

  • What companies/businesses do we currently work with?

    • 4 Home HOAs to 40 Home​ HOAs

    • Gas stations

    • Hotels

    • Professional Office Complexes 

    • Property Management Companys

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