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Rock Options

Rainbow River Rock .75.jpeg
Rainbow River Rock 0.5.jpeg
Rainbow River Rock 1.5 to 2.jpeg

Rainbow River Rock 3/4"

Rainbow River Rock 1/2"

Rainbow River Rock 1 1/2" - 2"

Scoria 1.5.jpeg

Scoria 1 1/2"

Rustic Gold 2.jpeg
Scoria .75.jpeg

Scoria 3/4"

Rustic Gold 2"

Red Lava Rock.jpeg
Road Mix 1.jpeg
Yellow Shale.jpeg

Red Lava Rock

Road Mix

Yellow Shale

Mexican Pebbles 2.jpeg
Mexican Pebbles 3 to 4.jpeg
Medicine Mountain Cobble Rock.jpeg

Mexican Pebbles 2"

Mexican Pebbles 3" - 4"

Medicine Mountain Rock

Limestone Fines.jpeg
Medicine Mountain Red.jpeg
Economy All Around.jpeg

Medicine Mountain Red

Limestone Fines

Economy All Around

Montana Rose 1.5.jpeg
Montana Rose .75.jpeg
Gray Pea Gravel.jpeg

Gray Pea Gravel

Montana Rose 3/4"

Montana Rose 1 1/2"

Valley Cobblestone 3 to 8.jpeg
Rainbow River Rock Oversized.jpeg

Valley Cobblestone 3" - 8"

Rainbow River Rock Oversized

Mulch Options

(coming soon)

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